Internally glazed with a choice of designs and glazing styles, Visage® windows allow you to transform your home to suit your individual taste.

Constructed using some of the finest, low maintenance materials, available in a choice of effects, with additional options of Rosewood or Oak finishes and even coloured profiles.

Rehau S706 Rehau S706


With an ever increasing focus on helping the environment, we offer a range of energy efficient windows (ratings from A to E) designed to retain heat and significantly reduce the amount of energy you use and the money you spend on heating costs.

Understanding the product
Energy efficient windows will cost more initially but will not only improve comfort but will save energy and money for the life of the window. Choosing the most energy efficient window will save money in the long term.

Safety & Security

In the event of fire all bedroom side hung windows have as standard Fire Egress hinges. These special hinges will provide 90 degrees opening for easy escape. Fire safety is a consideration on all first floor windows and above.

Our next generation of window locking, complete with bi-directional locking bolts and hinge protection ensures all openers are fully protected when closed.

  1. Up to 9 locking points on each opening window.
  2. No vulnerable external beading
  3. Hingeguards
  4. Stainless steel shootbolt and roller locking
  5. Locking wedge
  6. Centre lock

Available colours
White White Ash Mahogany Rosewood Golden Oak
Also available in RAL colours (click here)
Glazing Styles
Applied Bar Rectangle Lead Georgian Bar Diamond Lead Square Lead
Handle choice
White Black Chrome Gold
Obscure Glass Patterns
Arctic Autumn Chantilly Charcoal
Cotswold Digital Everglade Flemish Florelle
Mayflower Minster Oak Pelerine Stippolyte
Sycamore Taffeta Warwick